Prepared in-house, fresh from scratch - with soul.

Mama Lu’s is dedicated to supporting local farmers.
A special thanks to Fresh Farmhouse Garden, Evermore Ranch and Pacific Ocean Harvesters.

About Chef Lulu Balas

My peak experience with food occurred as a child, holding my mother’s hand as we made our way through a small town county fair. We were headed for the burger stand, from which issued the most tantalizing aromas of caramelized onions sauteing, succulent beef sizzling, and sweet buns toasting on a flat grill. All this sent an overwhelming shiver of delight through my little five year old nose.That day my mouth was dazzled by a combination of flavors that would influence the rest of my life and sparked the fire that fueled a lifelong career as a chef.

I intuitively grasped that cooking has a universal comforting effect as I watched my chef Mama’s every step in our kitchen. Mama’s cooking magic was the talk of our neighborhood. I aspired to create melt-in-your-mouth dishes like hers.

I graduated with a Culinary degree from Ogden Applied Technical College in 2008. I moved to Weed, California to help out my uncle with his Take and Bake Pizza Shop. By 2011, I found myself in Snow Basin Ski Resort where I was exposed to a diverse array of international dishes. We covered it all: from fine dining, catering, to good old-fashioned BBQ.

Eventually, I moved to Park City, Utah and worked at several prestigious restaurants in the region. Throughout my culinary forays, my mission has always been to recreate that elusive element from the county fair that captured my imagination and transformed me into Mama Lu. This legacy is arguably the most important ingredient in any dish that I prepare.